my name is Nadiia Zhebrakovska, I'm artist of Ukrainian origins currently living in the Netherlands. 

With academic education in fine arts I for quite some years in worked with oil and canvas as "conventional" artist. Over period of 7 years I created more then 50 paintings Most prominent topics were flowers and horses.

Back then I started to do digital drawings, first as an preparation step for oil paintings. With time as I learned more tools and skills with Adobe graphics software I found  myself doing more and more commercial work in digital illustrations. So logical step was to improve my skills in DTP area, namely with InDesing application.

Then there was long break in my professional activities as I got first child in 2009, then we moved to the Netherlands, then second child was born. I had to overcome language barrier, find new social environment and overall life become quite different from what I used to. Those were difficult times for me but I had strong goal to get back to my carrier of an artist.

As things smoothed out I were able to get back to professional activities and now making my way into Dutch designs and graphics market as entrepreneur.